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30 Apr 2015

Calgary Wedding Photography :: Zayna & Ryan

This sweet intimate wedding was not about the details. It wasn’t about extravagant linens, and uplighting. It wasn’t about perfect gift favours, or perfectly folded napkins. Ryan and Zayna wanted to spend as much time as possible visiting with their guests. And it was perfect! Down home Calgary weddings never disappoint!

We met up with Ryan and his buddies getting dressed in the comfort of their own home. They were relaxed and excited to meet up with the girls. We were able to get some shots of just the guys together before the day got under way.

From there, we met with Zayna and the girls as they primped together in one of the beautiful rooms at the Kensington Riverside Inn. The sun streamed in the french doors with a beautiful gentle breeze, and the smell of their leftovers from breakfast, delicious looking blueberry pancakes, filled the room. Zayna proudly showed me the gorgeous diamond earrings she and Ryan had created from old jewelery that was originally owned by their grandparents. A beautiful special touch!

Their wedding was sweet and intimate expertly hosted by the lovely Tamara Jones. And then Ryan and Zayna took time to see their guests in between a few group family shots. When we originally sat down together, Ryan and Zayna told me that they were more interested in the candid moments between them and their guests, so we took a very quick hour away from the party to get some formal images of just the two of them, then returned them to their guests for a wonderful dinner at Bonterra Restaurant.

I’m sure you’ll agree, we got some wonderful images in paparazzi fashion of their guests enjoying every minute. We even caught an intentional finger up the nose when one of the guests noticed us with the camera pointed in his direction that cracks me up every time I look at it. I snapped the photo, and then he and I shared a great giggle.

Ryan and Zayna made this day special in exactly the way they wanted it to be, and I’m so honoured to have been along for the ride! Congratulations, and all the best you 2!

Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0004 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0005 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0006 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0007 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0008 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0009 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0010 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0011 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0012 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0013 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0014 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0015 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0016 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0017 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0018 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0019 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0020 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0021 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0022 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0023 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0024 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0025 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0026 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0027 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0028 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0029 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0030 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0033 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0040 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0041 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0042 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0043 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0044 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0045 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0046 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0047 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0048 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0049 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0050 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0051 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0052 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0053

Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0039 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0038 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0037 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0036 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0035 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0034 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0032 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0031 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0003 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0002 Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Bonterra_0001

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Bonterra Trattoria
Bride’s Dressing Room: Kensington Riverside Inn
Ceremony Officiant: Tamara Jones
Ceremony Guitarist: Jason Delaney
Flowers: Treehouse Treehouse Flower Shop

10 Feb 2015

Banff Wedding Photography :: Michelle & Raul

Well it’s certainly been a long time since updating the blog. The last post I made was back in July!! New Years Resolution #1- update the blog frequently!!

First up in the update lineup is this gorgeous wedding I had the pleasure of shooting Aug 8, 2014. I met up with Michelle and Raul in beautiful Banff, AB, Canada where this sweet couple was having a great time showing their out of town family the majesty of our beautiful Canadian Rockies. The wedding took place at the gazebo beside the river, and we were so lucky that the rain stopped long enough for them to complete their ceremony. We got chased around Banff a little by storm clouds, but it always seemed to hold up long enough to get their photos done at each stunning location.

They wrapped up the night at The Maple Leaf Restaurant on main street Banff with an intimate group of family and friends. I feel so lucky to have been a witness to their special moments!

Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0009 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0010 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0015 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0017 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0019 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0021 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0024 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0031 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0033 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0036 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0050 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0052 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0054 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0059 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0066 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0069 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0080 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0089 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0094 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0099 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0103 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0113 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0132 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0150 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0271 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0272 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0274 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0276 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0282 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0288 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0293 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0300 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0304 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0315 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0324

Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0250 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0191Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0002 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0005 Touch_Of_Pink_Photography_Banff_0001

Special thanks to the following vendors:

Videography: Engaged Films
Wedding Planning: Perfect Day Ventures
Violinist: Ken Nogami
Limousine: HighlandVIP
Venue: Maple Leaf Restaurant 
Commissioner: Klaus Ohlhoff

10 Jan 2014

Calgary Wedding Photographer Gets Engaged Herself!

Calgary Wedding Photographer Gets Engaged Herself!

Did you know that December is the most popular month for an engagement to occur? I’m glad my fiancee didn’t know that when he was planning our elaborate engagement, because he told me that he wouldn’t have done it in December! But he did.

And. It. Was. Perfect!!!

Jason knows, being a photographer, having lasting images is SO important to me. So he planned out a tonne of details and made sure to have someone present to capture the whole thing.

So what happens when a photographer gets engaged? Take a look at this!

Jason set me up on a fake photo shoot with our beautiful, wonderful, awesome, amazing friend Dawn Ives. She totally had me fooled that she wanted to learn her camera a bit better, so she came along with me on the shoot, and I set up her camera settings and gave her a few quick tips. “The Couple” I was photographing conveniently brought along a series of signs stating things like “I knew it was Love from Day One”. We went through various poses with their sweet signs, until I read a sign that just had my name on it……..

Engagement-001I am looking at the sign totally confused, so I start looking around for Dawn to get an answer. I was shocked to see someone walking up behind me…..

Calgary_Wedding_Photographer_Gets_Engaged-2There was Jason, walking up behind me in a suit with flowers in his arms, and I was totally baffled. I asked him why he was there, to which he responded “You didn’t read the last sign”….So I spun around and “The Couple” were holding another sign

Calgary_Wedding_Photographer_Gets_Engaged-3Calgary_Wedding_Photographer_Gets_Engaged-4The Sign read: “Will You Marry ME?”

Then the tears started….

Someone magically got my camera out of my hands at some point.

He got down on one knee and asked for my hand.



I remember vividly that I knew that I needed to force out the word “Yes” somewhere in there.


Jason put this stunning ring which he tediously designed on my hand. My. Heart. Melted.

It was a moment that I will never forget, but more than that, I am so over the moon excited that I have images to help us remember it forever!!!

What next? Well of course I did what any wedding photographer would do…..The ring and I had a little mini-photo shoot!



Having these photos has reminded me how special it is for all of us to “Catch the Moments” that are near and dear to our hearts. An image gives you a unique way to share with the world, while preserving a moment in time.

I am so excited to be sharing the wedding planning process with my couples this year, and I look forward to being the photographer to Catch the Moment for my special clients in the year ahead!






5 Dec 2013

Canmore Wedding Photographer :: Terri & Darryl

Canmore Wedding Photographer :: Terri & Darryl

The sun was rising beautifully as my team drove into Canmore Aug 25, 2013. We met Terri and Darryl separately to start the day. Both nurses, Terri and Darryl were calm, cool, and collected while getting ready with their bridal party members. The excitement of the day was built slowly as we inched closer toward the reveal.

For the reveal, Terri met Darryl in the field by the abandoned coal mine entrance. They were so excited to see each other for the first time, and we couldn’t resist the urge to play with the moment a little. We had Terri edge slowly toward her groom, and she was happy to play with us as we had her cover Darryl’s eyes, and hug him, all while he couldn’t see more than her forearms. When we finally let him turn around, they shared a few moments to themselves, and only we were there to witness it. They embraced for quite some time and you could tell they were really caught in the magical moment.

We spent some time getting the formal shots out of the way so that they could go straight from their ceremony into visiting and partying with their guests. Right before the ceremony on the lawn at the Canmore Nordic Centre, the clouds rolled in and it looked for a minute like it might rain, but then the clouds opened back up and they were showered in the most beautiful sunlight at the altar.

The guests were ready to party, and after a few great speeches from family, and an entertaining round of the newlywed game, Terri and Darryl took to the dance floor to start the party off.

It. Was. Perfect.

Dress| David’s Bridal
Ceremony & Reception| Canmore Nordic Centre
Catering| Mountain Events Catering
Preparation Venues| Georgetown Inn & Silver Creek Lodge
Photography| Touch of Pink Photography





5 Nov 2013

Radium Wedding Photography :: Amanda & Jordan

Radium Wedding Photography :: Amanda & Jordan

Aug 10, 2013. The sun was shining, friends amassed in a quiet spot by the river in Kootenay National Park. You could feel the magic in the air as hand made decorations arrived to add ambiance to the picturesque riverside park.

Amanda and Jordan were wed in the presence of family and friends in a style that was every bit as unique as they both are. These two spent countless hours affixing butterflies to various decorations representing the growth of their relationship over the past few years. The location was chosen overlooking the Everlasting Mountains. The forest was devastated by fire a few years prior, and now the growth of new trees will be a testament to Amanda and Jordan’s growing love as they start on the journey of a lifetime together.

The theme of handmade artwork carried into their reception hall where Amanda’s grandmother lovingly adorned butterfly table markers with various quotes selected by Amanda and Jordan in beautiful hand done calligraphy. Their caterer provided a menu that shouted home made deliciousness.

The love of these two shone through the day as they danced into the night in each others arms.
Congratulations Amanda and “Jo-Jo”! All the best!

Dress| David’s Bridal
Florist| Holland Flowers
Reception| Radium Senior’s Hall
Caterer| Green Door Catering
DJ| Delisle Entertainment Services
Photography| Touch of Pink Photography



19 Sep 2013

Calgary Wedding Photography :: Lauren & Jeff

Calgary Wedding Photography :: Lauren & Jeff

What a fun wedding this was this summer! Lauren and Jeff have a style all their own and it showed in all the little details that they arranged themselves.

From home made white chocolate spicy popcorn (the most delicious little snack EVER!), to having a personalized Instagram account so that their guests could play along in creating some wonderful wedding day memories, these two paid attention to all the little details.

These are a few favourites of mine from their day. Congratulations Lauren & Jeff!

Dress| BCBG

Venue| Gibson Fine Art Gallery

Photographic Locations| Cibo

Photography|Touch of Pink Photography








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