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28 May 2014

Calgary Wedding Photography :: Concept Shoot

I love meeting other vendors in the Calgary Wedding Market! Concept shoots and stylized shoots provide the opportunity for vendors to come together to showcase new ideas, and to collaborate together keeping our ideas fresh for you!

I had an idea to do a wedding themed shoot with a fairytale undertone. My thought was to have contrasting brides in classic and couture gowns with contrasting light etherial and dark smoky makeup. I couldn’t believe my luck when Monica of Wishahmon agreed to donate some of her glorious gowns to the day. Wishahmon has a unique blend of consignment gowns both simple and classic, and trunk show gems that bold discerning brides to be would surely love! She brought this funky black lace gown with her to the bridal show, so you may remember it! We contrasted beautiful Amanda’s blonde bombshell looks, with Cheyenne’s smouldering bright eyes and dark hair to add further contrast to the selected gowns.

Then Cassidy Andrews (Ca Va Bien) added her magic. She used two hair techniques sure to be popular among this years brides. A classic Bun with added flair, and a romantic loose braid trailing down the nape of the neck. She added sparkle to both ladies faces, and their eyes became the staggering feature of each beauty! While the girls sat in Cassidy’s chair, we laughed and giggled about things only girls would understand, and I could tell that Cassidy instantly put both models at ease that day.

And then there was Cole. Oh Cole!!! Another local photographer, Cole and his lovely over 6 foot frame graced me with his time and came out to model as our groom. And. He. Rocked. It! Lovely bubbly Marjie over at Derks kindly outfitted Cole in this gorgeous tuxedo shown 2 ways, and I couldn’t pick my jaw up off the floor! I mean Come ON!!!! Nothing beats a man in a beautiful suit or tux.

Lastly, we plugged in some elegant headbands, earings, hairpieces, and necklaces to work with each of the girls 2 gowns, and stars were born!!! Polly at Mi2 hand picked these intricate additions from her colossal stock, and thank god she did, because there was No way I was choosing!! Her selections were perfect additions to complete the look for each of these ladies.

And now, no further adieu needed……the images!!

Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0009 Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0012

Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0000 Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0001 Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0002 Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0011 Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0010Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0003Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0004 Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0005 Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0006 Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0007 Calgary_Wedding_Fashion_0008


Special thanks to: Wishahmon, Derks, Mi2, Cole Hofstra, Amanda, Cheyenne, and my lovely assistant Karolina Ghrus!!

10 Jan 2014

Calgary Wedding Photographer Gets Engaged Herself!

Calgary Wedding Photographer Gets Engaged Herself!

Did you know that December is the most popular month for an engagement to occur? I’m glad my fiancee didn’t know that when he was planning our elaborate engagement, because he told me that he wouldn’t have done it in December! But he did.

And. It. Was. Perfect!!!

Jason knows, being a photographer, having lasting images is SO important to me. So he planned out a tonne of details and made sure to have someone present to capture the whole thing.

So what happens when a photographer gets engaged? Take a look at this!

Jason set me up on a fake photo shoot with our beautiful, wonderful, awesome, amazing friend Dawn Ives. She totally had me fooled that she wanted to learn her camera a bit better, so she came along with me on the shoot, and I set up her camera settings and gave her a few quick tips. “The Couple” I was photographing conveniently brought along a series of signs stating things like “I knew it was Love from Day One”. We went through various poses with their sweet signs, until I read a sign that just had my name on it……..

Engagement-001I am looking at the sign totally confused, so I start looking around for Dawn to get an answer. I was shocked to see someone walking up behind me…..

Calgary_Wedding_Photographer_Gets_Engaged-2There was Jason, walking up behind me in a suit with flowers in his arms, and I was totally baffled. I asked him why he was there, to which he responded “You didn’t read the last sign”….So I spun around and “The Couple” were holding another sign

Calgary_Wedding_Photographer_Gets_Engaged-3Calgary_Wedding_Photographer_Gets_Engaged-4The Sign read: “Will You Marry ME?”

Then the tears started….

Someone magically got my camera out of my hands at some point.

He got down on one knee and asked for my hand.



I remember vividly that I knew that I needed to force out the word “Yes” somewhere in there.


Jason put this stunning ring which he tediously designed on my hand. My. Heart. Melted.

It was a moment that I will never forget, but more than that, I am so over the moon excited that I have images to help us remember it forever!!!

What next? Well of course I did what any wedding photographer would do…..The ring and I had a little mini-photo shoot!



Having these photos has reminded me how special it is for all of us to “Catch the Moments” that are near and dear to our hearts. An image gives you a unique way to share with the world, while preserving a moment in time.

I am so excited to be sharing the wedding planning process with my couples this year, and I look forward to being the photographer to Catch the Moment for my special clients in the year ahead!






3 Jan 2014

2013 Year in Review

2013 Year In Review

WOW! I cannot believe that year flew by. I had the pleasure of photographing so many wonderful people!!

From anticipation of soon to be parents, to the first days into meeting their babies; Growing families wanting to document their year, to puppies adopted into a new home; To women finding some self confidence for a sexy shoot; and of course lots of wonderful couples allowing me to spend the most precious moments of their wedding day with them; This past year has been truly amazing and such a blessing to me.

2014 is already looking like it is going to be such a great year. I already have lots of weekends booked for engagements and subsequent weddings. I look forward to working with all the couples getting married this year! There is still availability for 2014 if you’re still looking, please get in touch with me ASAP to arrange a consultation as I am booking up quickly!

There are also some patient parents-to-be awaiting the arrival of their little bundles of joy and I look forward to the opportunity to do these babies first photographs!

This year will be a little different for myself as well as I got engaged over the holidays too! So it will be a different experience for me to go through the planning process with each of my couples, hopefully with a better understanding of some of the stresses my couples are going through, and allowing me to know how I can better help my valued clients as well.

I am SO looking forward to every moment I get to spend behind the camera this year, collecting the snapshots of your life, “Catching The Moments”, and building lasting relationships with each of you.


Thank You All for a brilliant 2013, I hope to see you again in 2014!



And Thank You for your continued support of local business!

❤ xoxo

6 Sep 2013

Calgary Photography

Calgary Photography

Welcome to the Touch of Pink Photography Blog!

There has been a lot happening at Touch of Pink over the summer! I enjoyed being a part of many weddings this season; Congratulations to all the wonderful couples that I had the distinct pleasure of photographing! There were also lots of babies, families and headshots that I had the pleasure of capturing. It will take me a bit of time to get on top of this blog thing as I haven’t had the opportunity until now to share my work in blog format, but I will be sharing some of the highlights from this summer shortly.

As you’ve likely noticed, the Touch of Pink Photography website has gone through an extensive facelift. Special thanks to Karyn at Inspired Media Marketing & Design for bringing my vision to life. We didn’t do a total re-branding, but you’ll notice that I’ve taken the charcoal grey right through to black to streamline and class up the look of the website and I LOVE it!

I have also been developing a special area in my home to meet with my clients, both current and prospective. I have put a lot of love into this space and am so excited about the results. I think it’s the perfect combination of vintage and modern, but you won’t see it in pictures, you’ll have to stop by for a glass of wine to see this one!

As we move into fall, there are a lot of requests for family photos. Christmas is coming and most people want to be able to send family current photos, especially of the kiddos, so be sure to contact me and book your session as I am quickly filling up!!

Thanks for checking out the new website! Be sure to check back often and see what Touch of Pink Photography is up to!


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