Calgary Food Photographer :: Fruit Ambrosia Salad

So, clearly I’m behind on blogging here. Since I think a blog should allow you to learn a bit more about me, I thought sharing some of my favourite recipes would give you a chance to drool over one of my favourite pass times, and maybe pick up a new delicious creation of your own.

Once a month, a small group of girlfriends and I decided we should make a point of getting together. Since scheduling is always an issue, one of them suggested that we do a “Ladies that Lunch” kind of thing, and it has been nothing but laughter ever since. We have tried to incorporate some themes into the lunch dates, not always the easiest idea, but it gives an extra challenge. All 5 of us are loving exchanging recipes and using each other as test subjects to new and re-worked recipes.

Today, I’ve made a classic holiday favourite. The theme is “Dance” and my rationale to this is, the jello in the dish Makes it Dance! ha ha ha…we will see if I get away with it!

Happy Friday Everyone! I’ll get on top of updating the blog a bit more regularly so stay tuned!


1c. Watermelon Jello prepared in the usual fashion the day before
1c. Vanilla Yogurt
1c. Shaved Coconut
1 1/2c. Pineapple pieces (preferably fresh)
1c. Red Grapes cut into half or thirds
1/2 Pomegranate seeded (and washed if lots of pith remains)
1 1/2c. Mini-Marshmellows

*tip* Easily seed a pomegranate by cutting it in half, then striking the skin side with a large spoon to knock the seeds out. We wary, this will produce a lot of juice also, so best to do it over a bowl. Also, you can rinse the seeds in a bowl of water and that should cause the pith to float (I haven’t had great luck with that bit, but it’s supposed to work).

Mix all the ingredients above gently until the fruit and marshmallows are coated with Jello and Yogurt. It is sometimes easier to mix the Jello and Yogurt prior to adding the fruit and coconut, but not completely necessary. I prefer to cut the fruit up into bite sized pieces so that I get a bit of everything in each bite, but it’s perfectly acceptable to leave the fruit chunky if that’s your thing!

Refrigerate for up to 2 days before serving.