Calgary Wedding Photographer Gets Engaged Herself!

Did you know that December is the most popular month for an engagement to occur? I’m glad my fiancee didn’t know that when he was planning our elaborate engagement, because he told me that he wouldn’t have done it in December! But he did.

And. It. Was. Perfect!!!

Jason knows, being a photographer, having lasting images is SO important to me. So he planned out a tonne of details and made sure to have someone present to capture the whole thing.

So what happens when a photographer gets engaged? Take a look at this!

Jason set me up on a fake photo shoot with our beautiful, wonderful, awesome, amazing friend Dawn Ives. She totally had me fooled that she wanted to learn her camera a bit better, so she came along with me on the shoot, and I set up her camera settings and gave her a few quick tips. “The Couple” I was photographing conveniently brought along a series of signs stating things like “I knew it was Love from Day One”. We went through various poses with their sweet signs, until I read a sign that just had my name on it……..

Engagement-001I am looking at the sign totally confused, so I start looking around for Dawn to get an answer. I was shocked to see someone walking up behind me…..

Calgary_Wedding_Photographer_Gets_Engaged-2There was Jason, walking up behind me in a suit with flowers in his arms, and I was totally baffled. I asked him why he was there, to which he responded “You didn’t read the last sign”….So I spun around and “The Couple” were holding another sign

Calgary_Wedding_Photographer_Gets_Engaged-3Calgary_Wedding_Photographer_Gets_Engaged-4The Sign read: “Will You Marry ME?”

Then the tears started….

Someone magically got my camera out of my hands at some point.

He got down on one knee and asked for my hand.



I remember vividly that I knew that I needed to force out the word “Yes” somewhere in there.


Jason put this stunning ring which he tediously designed on my hand. My. Heart. Melted.

It was a moment that I will never forget, but more than that, I am so over the moon excited that I have images to help us remember it forever!!!

What next? Well of course I did what any wedding photographer would do…..The ring and I had a little mini-photo shoot!



Having these photos has reminded me how special it is for all of us to “Catch the Moments” that are near and dear to our hearts. An image gives you a unique way to share with the world, while preserving a moment in time.

I am so excited to be sharing the wedding planning process with my couples this year, and I look forward to being the photographer to Catch the Moment for my special clients in the year ahead!