This sweet intimate wedding was not about the details. It wasn’t about extravagant linens, and uplighting. It wasn’t about perfect gift favours, or perfectly folded napkins. Ryan and Zayna wanted to spend as much time as possible visiting with their guests. And it was perfect! Down home Calgary weddings never disappoint!

We met up with Ryan and his buddies getting dressed in the comfort of their own home. They were relaxed and excited to meet up with the girls. We were able to get some shots of just the guys together before the day got under way.

From there, we met with Zayna and the girls as they primped together in one of the beautiful rooms at the Kensington Riverside Inn. The sun streamed in the french doors with a beautiful gentle breeze, and the smell of their leftovers from breakfast, delicious looking blueberry pancakes, filled the room. Zayna proudly showed me the gorgeous diamond earrings she and Ryan had created from old jewelery that was originally owned by their grandparents. A beautiful special touch!

Their wedding was sweet and intimate expertly hosted by the lovely Tamara Jones. And then Ryan and Zayna took time to see their guests in between a few group family shots. When we originally sat down together, Ryan and Zayna told me that they were more interested in the candid moments between them and their guests, so we took a very quick hour away from the party to get some formal images of just the two of them, then returned them to their guests for a wonderful dinner at Bonterra Restaurant.

I’m sure you’ll agree, we got some wonderful images in paparazzi fashion of their guests enjoying every minute. We even caught an intentional finger up the nose when one of the guests noticed us with the camera pointed in his direction that cracks me up every time I look at it. I snapped the photo, and then he and I shared a great giggle.

Ryan and Zayna made this day special in exactly the way they wanted it to be, and I’m so honoured to have been along for the ride! Congratulations, and all the best you 2!

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Ceremony & Reception Venue: Bonterra Trattoria
Bride’s Dressing Room: Kensington Riverside Inn
Ceremony Officiant: Tamara Jones
Ceremony Guitarist: Jason Delaney
Flowers: Treehouse Treehouse Flower Shop