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When Jennifer approached me about getting some family photos done to put up in their brand new home, I couldn’t be more excited to get out with this growing family! Their little gem Ayla had just begun crawling and was such a cutie to play around with!

Families usually ask what age is appropriate to get portraits done with young children. I think photos should be done whenever you feel you want updated artwork in your home, or whenever you realize its been too long since the last ones were done. Photos are a great way to document growing children, growing families, or even quiet moments together. Sure, toddlers can be a challenge at any family photography session, but I find the great trick is to give them something to do, something that is new to them and let the moments happen. There are lots of great poses to do with toddlers too, and like those below they create dynamic images that last forever.

The christmas season is fast approaching, so contact me early to get your updated images to send to family for the holidays while the weather is so beautiful!!

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